How does a Retailer integration work?

We can either do an entirely hands-off integration, use your feeds, or use your API.  The process works as follows.

1. Content integration

Whisk imports recipe content and store products via feeds, APIs or web crawling technology.

2. Data mapping

Whisk automatically maps imported content onto it’s food ontology. Mapping is completed in real-time using Machine Learning. Geolocation (local, regional etc) is taken into account. The algorithm selects defaults and alternatives to show in the experience. 

3. Store interfacing

Whisk interfaces with your store to transfer user lists of store items into their basket in your own environment. The purchases are completed entirely in your store environment. 


What happens once you’re integrated?

Your retailer will show on every recipe page currently using Whisk. There are over 1m pages receiving 100m monthly impressions.

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