How do communities work?

Communities allow you to connect with other Whisk users who share similar food interests, so together, you can curate a space of relevant recipes. Communities are centered around broader categories like “vegan diet” or “beginner friendly.” Users contribute to communities they’ve joined by sharing recipes they love that fit the category, inspiring others to discover new recipes.

What are my communities?

My communities are communities you have created or joined. These communities are saved at the top of your home tab so you have easy access to browse and share recipes you think the community might like.

Why can’t I submit a recipe to a community?

In order to add a recipe to a community, you must first join the community. You can do this by clicking “Join” in the top left corner of the community card on the home tab or simply click into the community and select “Join.”

How can I report a recipe in a community?

To report a recipe, click the three dots in the top right corner of the recipe card within a community and select report recipe from the dropdown menu. The recipe will immediately be removed and sent to the Whisk team to be reviewed.

What happens if my recipe is reported?

If your recipe has been reported by another community member, it will be hidden from the community and submitted for review. If your submitted recipe is rejected, you will receive an update and an opportunity to respond.

Help! I accidentally added a recipe to a community. How do I remove it?

To remove a recipe that you’ve added to a community, simply click the three dots in the top right corner of the recipe card and select “remove recipe” from the dropdown, then press confirm.

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