Even though we’re far apart, Whisk makes it easy to stay connected. Recipe and collection sharing allows you to save and share your favorite recipes with anyone through email, link, text, social media, and more. Here’s how you can start sharing your favorite recipes with friends and family even from afar.

How to Share Your Saved Recipes

1. Navigate to your Whisk recipe box. Tap the icon at the bottom of your screen.

2. Find the recipe you’d like to share and tap the three dots to the right of the recipe name. Select Send recipe from the menu.

  • Alternatively, click into the recipe you’d like to share and select the share icon or in the top right corner of your screen.

3. A new window will appear where you can choose to share your recipe the following ways:

  • Email recipe: Start typing a name or email address into the text field (Whisk will automatically pull from your contacts if you’re using a mobile device), then press send
  • Copy link: Select copy link and a unique link to the recipe will be copied to your clipboard for you to share however you’d like
  • Messages (or SMS): From your mobile device, you can use your phone’s messaging app to send a text message with the recipe, or from a computer, simply enter the phone number you’d like to send the link to and press send
  • Facebook: Share your recipe by posting on Facebook. You’ll be redirected to Facebook where you can create a post with a link to your recipe.
  • Twitter: Tweet your recipe or share it through Twitter direct messages. You’ll be redirected to Twitter where you can create a tweet or direct message with a link to your recipe.
  • WhatsApp: Send a link with WhatsApp. You’ll be redirected to WhatApp where you can choose who you’d like to send the recipe to.
  • Telegram: Send a link with Telegram. You’ll be redirected to Telegram where you can choose who you’d like to send the recipe to.
  • Other ways to share: If you’re sharing a recipe from your mobile device, you’ll also see additional ways you can share your recipe with apps that you have on your phone.

4. Anyone you share your recipe with will be able to view the recipe even if they don’t have a Whisk account. They’ll have the option to create a Whisk account and save the recipe to their recipe box or they can simply view the recipe.

Ready to start sharing recipes? Sign in to your Whisk account now or download the Whisk app for iOS or Android to start sharing.

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