Why some recipes can't be saved

When you save a recipe, Whisk tries to automatically detect and parse the content on the page. Without at least a title and ingredients Whisk won’t save the recipe.

There are several reasons why Whisk might not be able to detect the info, even if you can see it on the page. For example:

  • Ingredients and instructions are listed in a non-typical manner.
  • Microformats are used incorrectly and things tagged wrong.

Whisk supports a few different industry-standard microformats including hRecipe and Schema.org/recipe.

What to do

  1. Even if a recipe can't be saved automatically, you'll still be able to copy and paste the details into the recipe builder and save it manually.
  2. You should reach out to your favorite sites and tell them to use industry standard formatting on their recipes! There are many benefits in it for them: search engines will more easily understand their content and they could see significant SEO benefits. You can point them to our Recipe Formatting Best Practices article or have them reach out to Whisk for help.
  3. As a last resort, contact our support team with the url of the recipe you are trying to save and we’ll look into adding it to list of supported sites.

For recipe site owners

If you a recipe site owner and you want the Whisk browser extension to work on your site, you can update the recipe structure (read more about recipe formatting best practices) or contact us to find out more.

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