Connect Whisk to Google

1. Open your Google Assistant app (tip: Your Google Assistant app is a different, separate app from your Google Home app) and click on the compass icon.

2. Search for Whisk

3. Select Whisk from the drop down by clicking on the right menu button.

4. Click link

5. You will be promoted to log in to your Whisk account or create a new one.

6. Your Whisk account is now connected to Google.

Available Commands

Access Whisk by saying “Hey Google, talk to Whisk,” and then try the following commands: 

  • “Add bananas to my shopping list”
  • “Create a shopping list”
  • “What’s on my shopping list?”
  • “Read me my lists”
  • “Delete bread from my shopping list”
  • "Check if garlic is on my list"
  • "What can I make with eggplant?"
  • "Let's make the zucchini boat recipe"
  • "Read the ingredients for instant pot sweet potatoes"
  • "What are the steps for the chocolate cake recipe?"
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