We support a number of targeting options. Targeting is different for campaigns and Ad Units.

Geo targeting

Geo targeting is set up per campaign.

Geo targeting is based on a user IP address and will be represented as user's Country, Region and Metro Code (for US).

Campaign setup allows advertiser to restrict Ad visibility to a certain Country / Country + Region / Country + Region + Metro Code (as well as set no restrictions).


Ingredients targeting is set up per campaign.

Each advertising campaign may have an unlimited number of Products (Ad Units). Each campaign may have up to 50 (number TBD) targeted ingredients. Each added ingredient is joined using one of boolean operators: AND, OR — i.e., Show ad if (ingredient is beef or ingredient is pork) and (ingredient is carrot  or ingredient is cucumber)


Retailer targeting is set up per product.

Ad Units may be targeted by a certain grocer/retailer. For that to work advertiser must enable Only show product when user's store is XXX checkbox on the product setup page.


Site targeting is set up per campaign

Targeting may be set up by site, and is represented as a list of domain names with an include or exclude attribute — e.g:

  • positive match: show ads on ([google.com](<http://google.com>) or facebook.com )
  • negative match: don't show ads on (bing.com)

Site setups are created by site owners - any advertiser targeting the network will have the campaign run across the whole network. 

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