How to integrate

Publishers need to generate a code block (similar to Whisk SDK) and place it on their page. They may choose to have a single ad unit or a carousel. 

Carousels options are:

  • Layout: horizontal or vertical
  • Number of ad blocks: 2 to 6 visible on page (Banner comes as a block, so it's counted as the 6th). Carousel that is displayed will have 2 to 5 ad units and scroll buttons if required.

Unit Dimensions

Sponsored Products units are responsive and adapt to how publishers integrate them. Height is fixed at 85px. Width is stretching from 270px (for 2 ads on page) to the max window size (for a single ad unit). Currently that's 558px.

Carousel units
Container height is fixed and is defined by the publisher at integration time. A number of visible blocks may be defined: 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 with the corresponding heights of 180px, 270px, 360, 450, 540px.

Technical integration

For publisher sites the Ads SDK is integrated independently from Whisk SDK. Ads js library (products.js) is loaded asynchronously and require a simple setup process.

First, add products script to page HEAD. It would be load asynchronously

Next, place an empty block with a unique block id on the page where you want an Ad Unit to be displayed

Finally, right after your div element, add a script tag with the code.

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