Sponsored Product Units

Single ad unit has a number of properties. Some of them are displayed, others may be hidden. Some properties are optional to setup.

Available Properties:

  • Product Name
  • Brand (Brand name may be replaced by Retailer name)
  • Retailer name (optional) (not visible)
  • Price (including currency)
  • Product Image
  • Action Button - part of the ad in the lower right corner. Possible values [Add to list] or [View]. [Add to List] adds to the Whisk integrated shopping list. [View] opens a third party Link.
  • Label (optional) - text in the top left corner.
  • Link: Link to a third-party web page (e.g. a link to the Retailers Product description page or a brand website. Opens in a new window when user clicks on the Product Name or anywhere in the ad unit)
  • SKU (optional) (not visible) - Product ID which is used to match the correct product in eCommerce flows.

Additional properties (not possible to edit)

  • Block menu - 3 dots in the top right corner. Gives access to menu: Why this ad? and Hide ad

Unit dimensions

The Sponsored Product Units dimensions are specified on the Placements page.

Single unit in shopping list

Two single units in shopping list


Carousel is a combination of multiple single ads (inheriting all their properties), with the number of ads ranging from 2 to 5. It has two layouts: horizontal and vertical. Both layouts may have an optional banner.

If the total of all units to be displayed is larger than the container on the page, a Carousel will automatically display navigation buttons that allow a user to scroll through different units.


Banner is a block that appears first in the carousel and is used to highlight a particular message (e.g. Retailer/Grocer introduction).  The unit has a logo, text and a link. Parameter values are defined by advertiser. Link color is customizable.

Example Horizontal Carousel 

Example Horizontal Carousel (scrolled)

Example Vertical Carousel

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