Minimum Requirement:

  • Product Name: Product name as displayed in your eCommerce store 
  • Product Price: Product price 
  • Product ID: ID that will be used when transferring items into a users basket. This is the ID that the store API or online eCommerce store uses. It will often be the same as the UPC or internal product ID 
  • Stock availability: Information on whether product is in stock. This may include stores or zip-codes where the product is available. You may provide us with only products in stock. 

Strongly recommended:

  • Amount: Pack size (e.g. 6 eggs or 50 grams). Where this is missing our NLP can pick it up from the product name.  
  • Product Image: Image of product that should be displayed in a user experience. 
  • Product URL: URL where the user can find out more about the product. This will usually be the eCommerce store link to the product. 
  • Product Barcode (UPC, EAN, GTIN): Barcode number of the product. 
  • Brand: Manufacturer/brand of the product 
  • Ethical Labels: E.g. ethically farmed, organic, eco 


  • Product nutrition: Pack nutrition details 
  • Allergy information: Allergy information of the product. 
  • Aisle information: Which aisle the product is stocked in within the in-store layout


  • Product Description: Free text description of the product 
  • Cooking Instructions: Temperature settings
  • Storage instructions: E.g. Keep refrigerated, lasts 7 days after opening 
  • Product Ingredients: Ingredients in the product 
  • Offer Status: If a product is on special offer with related information 
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