A guide to how Whisk processes your data

When you install Whisk on your site/app/experience - we automatically track certain data on users which are core to our service. 

Below, is a list of data we track. 

App Traffic and Behaviour Data

We record this for every user where our application is integrated and you've set it up to track user behaviour.

  1. Web page visits (the number of times a user has visited recipe pages).
  2. Shopping List actions (shopping lists created, all data relating to what items were added to a shopping list) and eCommerce store product choices (including brand, prices, quantities).
  3. City and country (calculated by the lead or user’s IP address location). 
  4. Browser versions and language (the language and version of the browser a person is using). 
  5. Device the user is using

Signup data

We record this for users that sign up to the Whisk application

  1. Name (a person’s full name)
  2. Email (user’s or lead’s email address) 
  3. Location of a user and a user’s preferences if they have set these up in our platform.
  4. Associate the App Traffic and Behaviour Data with the user account. 

Retailer credentials data

We record this data if a user chooses to transfer their basket to an eCommerce retailer:

  1. For OAuth integrated retailers: The fact a user is signed up to this retailer 
  2. Or non-Oauth-integrated retailers: A user’s retailer username and password 
  3. The products a user has transferred to the retailer's basket. 

We do not store any payment details, delivery addresses or similar data associated with ordering groceries as all transactions happen on the retailer site and not on our platform.


Services & Technology we use

Whisk uses the following services: 

  • Intercom: www.whisk.com to manage web-chat and analytics (B2B)
  • Google Analytics & Mixpanel: On our user-facing applications (on the shopping list this includes all traffic data once a user has clicked the shopping list. We do not use these services on the "widget"). 
  • Google BigQuery: To track widget impressions. This allows us to report on things like CTR of buttons. 
  • Adzerk: To serve native advertising within our own applications. This data is only used to serve ads in our own platform.

How we do and don't use data for

  • DO: Reporting & Analytics: Understand how users interact with our services. We use this internally at Whisk and make reports and insights available to our customers about their own property. This helps us improve the service. 
  • DO: Use general trend data for insight reports. We do not identify publishers or users and only use traffic and our own data about content for this. 
  • DO NOT: Share identifiable data (trends or otherwise) from our publisher properties with anyone other than the owner publisher. 
  • DO NOT: Sell or syndicate user data to anyone. 

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