Before getting started, you need to decide which shopping list features you need as this will affect the whether you will require our free or paid plan and subsequently which integration methods are available to you. 

Whisk offers a basic free integration which limits customisation and other features. Free integrations are completely self-serve. We also offer paid plans which come with more advanced features, integration options, and support from us. View our pricing page to compare our plans.

Plugin Integration (Free or Paid)

This is the simple, quick way to get Whisk's shopping list tools on your site. You can generate widget code and embed it into your site yourself without interaction with Whisk. Customers wanting premium (paid) features will need to work with Whisk to enable those. Please contact us.

1. First you need to check the structure of your recipe content. Use our Content Validator to test whether your content is formatted in a way Whisk can easily understand. If your content passes our validation test you can move on to the next step. If it does not, you can choose to update the structure of your recipe content, or with the paid version we will parse your content without you needing to make any changes. View our Recipe Formatting Guide for more information.

2. Generate your widget code using our Widget Builder. Follow the instructions on that page to build your customised widget.

3. Copy and paste the code you generated in the previous step into your recipe template(s). Once complete, the shopping tools will appear on all existing and newly added recipes.

Turnkey Integration (Paid)

This is a very easy, hands-off method to integrate Whisk. You just need to place one line of code on your recipe page template and we'll handle the rest! 

1. Add the following line of javascript to the <HEAD> section of your recipe template(s).

<script async="true" src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

2. Once added, please contact us so we can complete the process.

3. Once you are set up, we will send you a test link so you can try the Whisk functionality on your page before you audience sees it. Once you're happy with everything we will enable Whisk. The shopping tools will appear on all existing and newly added recipes. 


API Integration (Paid)

This is the most advanced integration type. You can create more customized experiences for your website or application. Please contact us to learn more.


How long does it take the Whisk shopping buttons to appear on my site?

Appearance generally happens within seconds, but can sometimes take a few minutes. After the code is added to you recipe template, Whisk buttons appear on each recipe after the first view of the recipe page.  Depending on the number of recipes on your site and your traffic patterns, it can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks for all of your existing recipes to become shoppable. Any new recipe added is immediately shoppable after first view on your site.

How are the default product matches (and available swaps) selected?

Whisk is an AI-based platform. Our platform algorithmically matches ingredients to the most relevant products available at the selected store.  The algorithm uses a combination of criteria to determine relevance including amount, specific food, product availability, and price.

Why are some products grayed out?

We automatically gray out (and unlist) products a consumer likely has in their pantry already, for example olive oil, salt, and pepper. Those can easily be added back into the shopping list by increasing quantity from 0 to 1 or selecting Swap.

Why do some ingredients not match to products?

There could be a number of reasons that a default product will not be matched at the selected grocery store.  First, no relevant products are available.  Other reasons are based on how machine learning works.  Machine learning is constantly improving and takes ongoing training, especially when a new data set (like your recipes) are introduced.  Our platform and data team are constantly training our platform and identifying ways to improve matching.

How can I get the shopping list ingredients to match to specific products?

Ingredient to product matching happens algorithmically and is standardized.  With the paid version of our shopping tools, there are some options for matching specific products.  Please contact us to learn more.

How do I know matched store products are in stock?

Product availability across our grocers is, on average, updated every 24 hours.  However products can still become unavailable.  During the add to basket process, if we determine that specific items are not available, a message is provided in the shopping list after the add to basket is complete.

How do I get my local grocery store added?

If you would like to see your favorite grocery store added, please fill out our form here and let us know.  Please feel free to email your grocery store and let them know about us!

I have audiences across multiple countries.  How does that work?

Whisk currently has grocer integrations across three countries - United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Our platform understands where you audience is coming and shows the right grocery options in the right location.  If no grocery options are available, only the Add to Shopping List button will appear on the page, and only Email and Print options will be available in the shopping list.
Does Whisk work with Wordpress? What platforms/CMS does Whisk work on?

Whisk can integrate with any CMS, including Wordpress. Whisk is just a small piece of Javascript that you add to your page - it doesn’t matter what CMS or platform your website is running on.

Can I add the shopping list to my app?

Our Plugin and Turnkey integration methods only work on web/mobile web. If you want to add the shopping tools to a native app, you can use our APIs to do so. Please contact us for more information.

What are the revenue opportunities?

There are some revenue opportunities with the paid version. Please contact us to learn more.

Can I (how can I) earn affiliate revenue?

Some grocers do offer affiliate programs.  Programs vary. There are opportunities to earn affiliate revenue with those grocers with the paid version. Please contact us to learn more.

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