Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. When executed well, Native Ads drive substantial benefits for brands.

Important factors to optimise in-feed sponsored content

Source: IAB & Edelman Berland

Considerations when designing WhiskAds

When evaluating native advertising options, the IAB recommends (in their IAB Native Evaluation Framework) that marketers should ask six core questions to ensure that a unit will meet the brand’s objectives.

Within IAB’s Native Ad types, WhiskAds is best comparable with “in-feed ads”

Source: IAB Native Evaluation Framework

How Whisk compares to the IAB recommendations

  1. Form: WhiskAds are in-stream within recipe content
  2. Function: WhiskAds should help educate the shopper about something relevant to the content.
  3. Integration: WhiskAds are fully integrated with the shopping list
  4. Buying & targeting: WhiskAds have highly targeted placement focusing on purchase intent
  5. Measurement: IAB recommends Brand Engagement as the key KPI

IAB Framework recommendations applied to WhiskAds designs


IAB says: How does the ad fit with the overall page design? Is it in the viewer’s activity stream or not in-stream?

Whisk Design considerations: The design should try to replicate the recipe publishers branded site and be aware of the context in which the ad will appear. The ad should be designed to look more like part of the content.


IAB says: Does the ad function like the other elements on the page in which it is placed? Does it deliver the same type of content experience, e.g., a video on a video page or story among stories, or is it different?

Whisk Design considerations: Ads should be designed with consideration to the fact that the ads will influence behaviour in the integrated Whisk shopping list.



IAB says: How well do the ad unit’s behaviours match those of the surrounding content? Are they the same?

Whisk Design considerations: Whisk’s functionality integrates the ads into the existing shopping list functionality on the site. Ad designs should take this context into account when designing.


IAB says: Is the ad placement guaranteed on a specific page, section, or site, or will it be delivered across a network of sites? What type of targeting is available?

Whisk Design considerations: WhiskAds placed intelligently into recipe content and can be targeted based on ingredient, recipe type, geo-location, and more.


IAB says: What metrics are typically used to judge success? Are marketers more likely to use top-of-the-funnel brand engagement metrics (e.g., views, likes, shares, time spent) or bottom funnel ones (e.g., sale, download, data capture, register, etc.?)

Whisk Design Considerations: Native ads work particularly well for brand engagement metrics with many studies showing increased brand perception.


IAB says: Is the disclosure clear and prominent?

Whisk Design considerations: If a user is likely to confuse ads with publisher content ensure the sponsorship of the message is clear. Ask Whisk for further details on how this can be achieved.

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