The Wine Recommendation Widget is an ad that uses Whisk's complex matching algorithms to pair select wines with the most suitable recipes -- e.g. a pinot noir ad next to a roast lamb recipe.

The widget is built with HTML, meaning it's a flexible unit that adapts to it's surroundings and position within a page. The elements below are guidelines and the widget will resize text and images as necessary.


Customisable attributes:

Colour (A) 

Primary colour (used for button)

Logo (B) 

PNG (transparent background)

Up to 110px (wide) by 60px (tall)

Text (C) 

Wine description or pairing logic (up to 140 characters)

Wine name (D)

Max 50 characters

Product image (E) 

Bottle only

PNG (transparent background)

Up to 100px (wide) by 340px (tall)


Desired landing page (e.g. custom landing page or product page at grocery retailer)

Other requirements:

  • A list of all wines to be matched to recipes (with titles, images, and URLs for each).
  • 3rd-party tracking pixel (optional)


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