Required assets:

  • 1x Widget Ad
  • 1x Shopping List Recipe Ad
  • 1x Shopping List Item Ad
  • Store Product Details

1. Widget Ad:

This ad appears next to the Whisk "Create a smart shopping list" button on recipes across the Whisk Publisher Network.

Image format: PNG or JPG

Dimensions: Dimensions 320 x 50px

2. Shopping List Recipe Ad

This ad appears below the list of ingredients in the Whisk shopping list. There is one banner advert per recipe in the shopping list.


  • Image of product 50 x 50px
  • PNG or JPG
  • White or transparent background


  • Max 70 characters (including spaces)

3. Shopping List Item Ad

This ad appears next to an individual ingredient or item within the Whisk shopping list. For each ingredient, there is one advert slot available.


  • Name of product to be shown in the shopping list


  • 160 x 36px
  • PNG or JPG
  • White or transparent background

4. Store Product Details

Please submit specific product name, link, or SKU at all available retailers that Whisk will match when a user transfers their shopping list to an online retailer.

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