Once you have created a WhiskConnect link you can follow the below instructions to add a Call To Action to your Facebook posts.

This article describes how to add "Shop Now" Call To Action buttons to individual posts.

Finding Power Editor in Facebook for Business

You will only be able to use Facebook’s Power Editor if you have admin access for your Facebook page

If you have admin rights please follow this link

WhiskConnect: Facebook Power Editor

Note: If you are unable to see the Facebook Pages you own and/or are an admin of on the left hand side, you will need to upload them first before you can create posts with call-to-action buttons.

Creating A Post

Ensure the Facebook page you wish to post to is selected on the left hand side of the screen.

Click Create Post

Adding Links

You can now create your post right inside the Power Editor. Paste in the WhiskConnect URL, created using the link builder tool into the URL destination.

Please complete the remaining fields and select the "Shop Now" button from the Call to Action drop down menu.

Note: The call-to-action "shop now" button is only available when creating a ‘Link’ type post.


Your advert is now complete with a “shop now” button. This is now available for your own Facebook site.

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