What is microdata or a microformat and why do I need it for my recipe content?

Microdata or microformat data is used to add metadata to existing content on your webpages. This metadata is used by automated systems for identifying important structural information in unstructured content.  For example, within recipes, the metadata identifies ingredients, instructions, cooking times, etc.

Whisk works automatically with schema.org/Recipe and hRecipe. These microdata formats have the additional benefit in that they are used by major search engines:  using these formats on your site will help with search engine optimisation for your recipe content.

For more information, please visit http://schema.org/docs/documents.html for a detailed description on how to use schema microdata on your website.

You can also contact one of our team members at [email protected] for assistance in getting you started.

Integrating with Whisk

My site has microdata or a microformat on recipe pages:  

Structured microdata or a microformat and the presentation of one recipe per page allows Whisk to quickly create shopping lists from recipe ingredients.

I don't think my site has this format: 

 You can check by visiting this page: http://developers.whisk.com/tools/recipe-content-validator

If you can see something similar to the image above, please contact [email protected] to continue the integration process. If you cannot see your recipe content by using the tool provided, please read the next section on microdata or microformat data.

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