Whisk seamlessly adds shopping list functionality to your pages. Integration is quick and simple. Follow these steps to add Whisk shopping list functionality to your website.

Step One

Check that your site is using microdata or a microformat. This is an industry standard data format that allows Whisk to process your recipe content.

Step Two

Add the following code snippet to your site. We recommend putting it at the very bottom of your page, before the closing ‘body’ tag.

<script async="true" src="//widget.whisk.com/assets/whiskbutton.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step Three

Contact us so we can ensure that:

(a) the code has been correctly added;

(b) we have correctly extracted your recipes and that the information displayed in Whisk’s shopping list accurately reflects the original recipe content.

Step Four

We will send you a link so you can test the functionality and check the position of the widget on your site.

Once you’re satisfied with everything, we will make it live and your users can begin making shopping lists instantly.

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