WhiskAds place your brand directly into recipe content, shopping lists and shoppers’ grocery carts.

WhiskAds can be targeted in the following ways:

  1. Ingredient
  2. Recipe type
  3. Geographic location
  4. Recipe site

1. Targeting based on ingredient

Ideal for:  Advertising a branded product directly alongside an ingredient within a recipe.


-- Brands and Whisk collaborate to create a list of ingredients where the brand can effectively advertise within recipes.

Examples of targeting requests are recipes that call for:

-- Basil (fresh or dried)

-- Minced beef

-- Butter

2. Targeting based up recipe type 

Ideal for:  Advertising branded products that might not appear within a recipe, but would complement it (e.g. aluminium foil advertised on a roast chicken recipe).


-- Brands and Whisk collaborate to create a list of specific recipes (chocolate brownies) or recipe types (all baking recipes) where the brand’s ads will be most effectively placed.

Examples of targeting requests:

-- Ketchup on all burger recipes

-- Laundry stain remover on tomato-based recipes

-- Red wine on all beef/steak recipes

3. Geographic location targeting

Ideal for:  Displaying localised ads to shoppers in specific locations around the world.


-- Brands identify geographic locations they wish to target.

Examples of targeting requests:

-- London only

-- UK only

-- Worldwide

4. Recipe site targeting (purchased via Whisk recipe publishers)

Ideal for:

-- Displaying ads on specified publisher websites.

-- Displaying bespoke ads on various publisher websites.


-- Brands and Whisk collaborate to identify which publisher sites are best for brand campaign objectives.

Examples of targeting requests:

-- Allrecipes.co.uk only

-- All Whisk UK publishers only

-- Entire internationalWhisk publisher network

WhiskAds can be displayed in the following countries and languages:

Countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, United States.

Languages: English, French, Polish,  Spanish, German, Dutch.

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