What is a Recommendation Widget?

The Recommendation Widget is an ad that uses Whisk's complex logic and matching algorithms to pair select wines, beers and kitchen products alongside relevant recipes. One example is presenting a wine recommendation alongside a suitable recipe -- e.g. a pinot noir advertisement next to a roast lamb recipe.

Additional Recommendation Widget examples: 

-- Wine and beer pairings - Whisk creates a flavour profile for each recipe based on each dishes' ingredient characteristics. Whisk uses proprietary algorithms to match and display ideal wines and beers against recommended recipes.

--Kitchen utensil recommendations - The Recommendation Widget works well for recommending related kitchen or household products alongside recipes. E.g. presenting an aluminium foil recipe alongside a roast chicken recipe; presenting a slow cooker ad alongside a pulled pork recipe; presenting a laundry stain remover alongside messy or tomato-based recipes.

The recommendation widget is built bespoke for each campaign.

Example user journeys

  1.  Recommendation → client set URL

For example, every wine recommended could be sent to the page on the client website where the wine is available for purchase.

  1.  Recommendation → on-site-experience → client set URL

For example, every wine recommended could open a bespoke experience (pop up box) that shows a variety of options for a user. The user could then be sent to the client set URL from there - e.g. a page on the client website where the wine is available for purchase.

How does Whisk's wine pairing work?

-- Wine inventory: Whisk requires a copy of the wine client’s wine data via an excel document or Whisk can export the data directly from the client website (online only). The more information provided about each wine (e.g. grape variety) allows for greater targeting opportunities. Recommendations can work with a single wine (showing the wine only where relevant) or a database of 10,000+ wines.

-- Matching: Whisk has a proprietary algorithm that matches wines to specific flavour profiles .

-- Creative: Client’s are able to produce their own creative inline with our design specifications.  Whisk can also produce creative based on previous campaigns.


Clients will be given reporting on a weekly or monthly basis for the number of impressions of the recommendation widget and the CTR.

Integration times and costs

Please contact [email protected] to discuss timescales and costs for this service.


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