What is WhiskConnect?

WhiskConnect is a digital product that lets brands make all their online content shoppable on any platform. WhiskConnect was designed to be simple to integrate across all channels -- digital campaigns, offline campaigns and more.

How does WhiskConnect work?

Using a custom version of the Whisk shopping list tool, brands are able to turn recipe content sites into purchases by linking all marketing content back to their brand site and to a commerce-enabled shopping list. WhiskConnect gives prospective shoppers the ability to add products to their basket or list easily without leaving a brand’s website.

How does WhiskConnect monetise our brand site?

WhiskConnect offers you the ability to leverage all your existing traffic from various sources -- including YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, web pages, email and printed packaging -- to purchase. Our technology embeds a transactional shopping list which is seamlessly integrated with online supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Ocado). This allows your customers to browse your product, create a shopping list, checkout online, or create a shopping list to take to store to purchase via email or mobile device -- all on your site.

What kind of content can I link to using WhiskConnect?

You can link any marketing activity that allows you to link through to a URL including: display advertising, WhiskAds on leading recipe publisher sites, YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, website content, packaging and print advertising.

Is it easy to integrate WhiskConnect with our current marketing campaigns?

Simplicity is at the core of WhiskConnect. Given that brand marketing activity is spread over multiple channels and partners and is frequently updated, WhiskConnect was designed so that any brand could integrate alongside their existing marketing campaigns -- without requiring any changes to current campaigns. By using a URL that opens a Whisk shopping list on any page, YouTube video or marketing campaign page, all of your brand activity can be directed to an online purchase (or to an offline purchase via a printed or mobile shopping list taken in store).

I want to track ROI on my marketing via WhiskConnect -- what type of analytics will you supply?

We designed in robust analytics that show WhiskConnect’s efficacy across different channels, giving decision makers the ability to optimise campaigns in real time. You will be given access to your own dashboard containing detailed statistics for shopping lists and individual products. These include an overview on engagement (CTR from a WhiskConnect link) activation (shopping lists produced and shopped via email, print and mobile) and conversion rates between engagements and activations. Users will be able to view breakdowns by campaign, source and medium, and also by individual product.

I’d like a bespoke version of WhiskConnect? Do you offer a premium feature?

Yes, we offer a premium version of WhiskConnect. Please get in touch with us to talk through your needs: [email protected]


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