WhiskAds are contextual ads that reach shoppers when they are deciding which recipes to make, allowing brands to showcase their products within recipes, shopping lists and grocery carts.

Where do WhiskAds appear?

WhiskAds place your brand directly into recipe content, shopping lists and shoppers’ online grocery carts. Brands can advertise with Whisk by Sponsored Ingredient, Complementary Item, or Wine & Beer Pairings ads. See the whisk.com/demo page to view visuals of exactly where each of these ads appear.

How can I target my ads?

WhiskAds can be targeted by ingredient, recipe type, geographic location and recipe publisher site. Read Ad Targeting Capabilities to learn more about our ability to place your brand alongside the most relevant content.

 What is the difference between a Complementary Item and a Sponsored Ingredient ad?

Sponsored Ingredient adverts allow brands to advertise their products directly within the recipe ingredient list (e.g. butter advertisement inserted next to recipe detail calling for  "3 tablespoons of butter").

Complementary Item adverts allow brands to advertise their products alongside recipes that may not contain their specific product, but might be a good addition to the recipe or might be required in the recipe's preparation (e.g. aluminium foil advertisement alongside roasted chicken recipes).

Can WhiskAds be geo-targeted ?

WhiskAds are suitable for geo-targeted campaigns and allow brands to advertise by city and country.

Why do WhiskAds’ CTRs outperform standard digital advertising?

WhiskAds are highly relevant and contextual and therefore yield click-through rates of 0.7% -- 10x higher than regular advertising rates.* WhiskAds are visible while the shopper browses a recipe and these ads follow the shopper on their path to online or offline grocery purchase.

* Source: Google US food industry benchmarks click through rates 

Which products can be promoted?

WhiskAds are very versatile, enabling a brand to advertise a variety of products in a number of ways. A brand can choose any product to promote. Many of our clients select their top 10 best-selling products.

Can product ads be rotated throughout the campaign?

Yes, product ads can be rotated at any point during the campaign. Whisk is constantly monitoring the performance of your campaign and is able to advise on which products and which ad designs are performing the best. Using this analysis, we will recommend changes so your campaign can be optimised around the higher performing ads. If ad creatives for these new products have already been approved, then we can rotate at the touch of a button. (Note: it will take a little longer if new ads need to be designed).

How often will I receive campaign reports and what will they contain?

For publishers and brands, we are currently offering weekly and monthly reports. We also provide a fully detailed end-of-campaign report. Whisk can report on advert/widget impressions (depending on brand or publisher), CTRs and details on path-to-purchase options -- including figures on the number of online checkouts, lists emailed, and printed lists.

 Do brands provide their own artwork for the ads?

Yes, you can find all of the specifications for your adverts here.

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