Whisk helps retailers turn shoppers’ recipe inspirations into grocery purchases.

How can I integrate with Whisk?

Whisk maps recipe ingredients to more than 140,000 store items, giving shoppers a streamlined path from recipe inspiration to grocery purchase. To discuss integration opportunities and how Whisk can drive shoppers to your store, please contact [email protected].

How can I use Whisk to promote my store to shoppers?

There are two ways that retailers work with Whisk to promote their store to shoppers:

1. WhiskAds (for all retailers, regardless if have e-commerce capabilities or not)

WhiskAds are relevant ads that are inserted into recipe content, shopping lists and shoppers’ grocery carts. Stores can display their best deals or offers for specific ingredients and related products across recipes on leading publisher sites like Allrecipes, FoodNetwork, and more.

Shoppers buy their Whisk list online or in store. WhiskAds replace the default product in online checkout and on printed lists.

WhiskAds’ Sponsored Ingredient ads showcase a particular product within the recipe, on the shopping list and become the default product that appears in the shopper’s grocery basket for online purchase.

WhiskAds’ Complementary Item ads are used to advertise branded products or offers that complement a recipe. Examples of complementary ads promoted within recipes are:  aluminium foil ads presented on oven-roasted meat dishes or mayonnaise ads alongside hamburger recipes. Whisk also provides advertising opportunities to promote wine and beer ads against the flavour profiles of a variety of recipe types (yes, we can go way beyond simply pairing white wine with chicken!).

2. Whisk Grocery Retailer Integration (for stores with eCommerce capabilities) 

Whisk Grocery Retailer Integration allows shoppers to send the contents of Whisk-generated shopping lists straight to a store’s ecommerce site. Whisk automatically matches all store products to items in a user’s shopping list. Once integrated, stores can choose to sponsor Whisk’s ecommerce functionality and set their store as the default selection on recipes throughout the network.

You can learn more about store integration by viewing our Whisk: Stores documentation.

What can Whisk do for non-ecommerce enabled stores?

While online shopping is on the rise, currently 80% of UK shoppers go into supermarkets to purchase groceries. Our highly contextual, in-line WhiskAds enable the non-ecommerce retailer to advertise their store or products all the way from the recipe page straight through to a shopper’s printed shopping list or to their digital list viewable on a mobile device. Thus offering consistent and highly visible retailer branding and subsequent increased user engagement.

How long does it take from sale confirmation to retailer integration? 

Integration times vary depending on the complexity of your store. please contact [email protected] to discuss store integration.

How can wine and beers be promoted through Whisk’s Recommendation Widget?

Whisk’s Recommendation Widget is a content box to promote products on recipe pages -- think of it as an expanded, more robust WhiskAd. These Widgets achieve industry-beating engagement as we use complex logic and algorithms to pair products to the most relevant recipe content.


-- Wine recommendations - Whisk creates a flavour profile for each recipe based on individual ingredient characteristics. Whisk uses proprietary algorithms to match and display wines against recommended recipes.

-- Beer recommendations - Also using our flavour profiling algorithms, Whisk can pair beers with recipes. These pairings can be applied specifically to individual recipes or recipe types (e.g. pairing Cobra with all Indian dishes or promoting lager alongside for BBQ/grilled recipes).

-- Kitchen utensil/appliance recommendations - The Widget can also be used to promote complementary kitchen accessories like advertising blenders alongside smoothie or frozen margarita recipes.

How does Whisk’s wine pairing work?

Wine inventory:  Whisk requires a copy of the client’s wine data via an Excel document or Whisk can export the data directly from the client website (e-commerce/online stores only). The more information provided about each wine (e.g. grape varietal) allows for greater targeting opportunities. Recommendations can promote a single wine up to a database of 10,000+ wines.

Matching: Whisk has a proprietary algorithm that matches wines to specific flavour profiles in recipes.

Creative: Clients are able to develop their own creative or Whisk can produce creative based upon learning from previous successful wine campaigns.



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