What is the cost to integrate Whisk?

There is no cost to integrate Whisk’s shopping list capabilities into your site. To complete integration, you will need to simply insert a single line of code to your site.

What potential income streams are there? 

Publishers will receive a percentage of the revenue generated from any WhiskAds appearing on their site or embedded within the Whisk shopping list.

Which UK supermarkets do you work with?

Currently Whisk is integrated with leading UK supermarkets Tesco, Ocado, ASDA and Waitrose. If you are a representative from a supermarket and would like to integrate Whisk, please contact [email protected].

Where will advertising appear on my site if I partner with Whisk?

Advertising will appear directly next to the Whisk widget on your site.  This will contain a single display advert.


How long does it take from sale confirmation to shopping list integration on my recipe site? 

The integration can be very quick as it only requires the insertion of a single line of code. There is no need to change your content formatting.

I have a WordPress site, what template file can I put the script on?

We recommend putting it at the very bottom of your page, before the closing ‘body’ tag.  You will need to put the script on a footer.php template.


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