[Insert Publisher Name] Shopping List with Whisk.com

Whisk.com is a free, smart app that turns recipes into handy shopping lists.

When you click on Whisk’s “Create a smart shopping list” button next to any recipe on [insert publisher name] a shopping list will be instantly created allowing you to:

-- Checkout online using Whisk integrations with Tesco, Asda, Waitrose or Ocado

-- View on your mobile device and tick items off as you shop

-- Print list to take in store

-- Email to family members for collaboration

How Whisk Works

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Whisk.com Benefits: Create a Smarter Shopping List

✔ Allows users to add recipes to their shopping list with one click

✔ Sync lists to iPhone & Android apps for mobile use

✔ Recipe bookmarking for repeat use

✔ Users can add non-recipe items to their list

Shop with ease

[Insert publisher name] is a leading resource for home cooks and Whisk.com makes the journey from online recipe inspiration to real-life shopping a whole lot easier. Assembling all the ingredients to cook a recipe takes time and invariably, you leave the store forgetting one key ingredient. Spend less time writing out lists and shopping - and spend more time cooking food you love!


Apple App Store’s "Best New Apps" in Food and Drink category and Android Play Store Featured Food App.

“The 50 Best Food Websites”  -- The Independent

"The most advanced food app ever created." -- The Next Web

New to creating shopping lists online?

Here's a quick how-to video

Whisk.com YouTube Channel

Discover recipes now

Whisk’s shopping list button appears below the ingredients across all the recipes on our site.  Search now and create lists, as well as your own recipe collections to use again and again.

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