Can my users share their shopping lists?

Users are able to sync shopping lists to their mobile device, print lists and are able to share with family and friends via email. If you have taken advertising space with Whisk your advert will appear throughout the shopper path to purchase on the widget, within shopping lists and through to online store purchase.

How does Whisk work with online and offline advertising?

Our users are able to view their shopping lists on the web, on their mobile device, through emailed and printed lists. WhiskAds work across all these mediums ensuring your advert and product is seen not only through our digital app and online grocery purchases, but also through our offline shopping methods (like a printed shopping list).

Who else does Whisk work with?

We currently work with a range of global retailers, publishers and brands. You can find all of our current partners at

Where does your traffic come from?

The vast majority of Whisk's traffic is from Whisk’s global publisher network, including Allrecipes and Food Network.

How often will I receive campaign reports and what will they contain?

For publishers and brands, we are currently offering weekly and monthly reports. We also provide a fully detailed end-of-campaign report. Whisk can report on advert/widget impressions (depending on brand or publisher), CTRs and details on path-to-purchase options — including figures on the number of online checkouts, lists emailed, and printed lists.

When did Whisk form?

Whisk was launched in January 2013 and was co-founded by Nick Holzherr, who raised funding for the venture after pitching the business to Lord Sugar as a finalist on the 2012 BBC TV series The Apprentice.

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